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3 Ways to Shake Up Your Margarita

We've all had margaritas of varying qualities, shapes, and sizes. You can see the recipe for a classic margarita in our blog here. And though always a solid favourite, perhaps this summer it's time for you to shake up your margs. No worries, because here comes PaPo's...

The Chilli Margarita

Chilli fiends are always going to say yes to a spicy addition to anything. They're reliable like that. Perhaps the second most famous culinary export of Mexico (coming after tequila of course) is chilli. This recipe will be sure to spice up your margaritas with its addition of Tabasco and ancho reyes chilli liqueur.


50ml of tequila

25ml fresh lime juice

12.5ml of ancho reyes

12.5ml of sugar syrup

2 dashes of tabasco


Add all your ingredients to a shaker with ice. Serve with a salt rim

Plus! For an extra hit why not steep some chillis in the tequila, or add a small amount of chopped fresh chillis?

The Mezcal Margarita

Mezcal is quickly becoming a hit, and what better way to sample this deliciously smokey beverage than in a margarita. Our margarita recipe is ensured to give you the best balance of smoke, citrus and freshness.


50ml mezcal

25ml triple sec

25ml lime juice


Shake all ingredients with ice. Serve with a salt rim.

The Lemon Margarita

Citrus in a margarita is a must, and if you've not got any limes at hand perhaps you can feel a bit stuck. Have no fear, if you have some limoncello and lemonade in the back of your cupboard, then margaritas o'clock is here.


45ml of tequila blanco

15 ml of limoncello

15ml of triple sec

15ml of fresh lemon juice



Shake all ingredients bar the lemonade, serve over ice and fill to the top with lemonade.

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