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6 Tequilas We Can't Get Enough Of

Tequila time is here again. As a tequila bar we've tasted our fair share of different top-quality brands. Here is a quick guide of those to splash out on.

1. El Sueño Reposado Gold

El Sueño means 'the dream', and this is certainly dreamy for both it's flavour and affordable price. Floral and creamy and with superbly smooth mixability, this is an ideal tequila to use in your own cocktails or to drink straight.

2. Vivir Añejo

Recently voted the best tequila in the world by UK experts. Añejo is aged for 18 months in oak bourbon casks, bringing an amazing palate of smoky oak, burned bananas and chocolate, this is a fantastic tequila to sip over ice.

3. El Rayo Plata

We tip this one as a favourite with gin lovers for it's vibrant herbal aromas and bright citrus notes. As such, it goes wonderfully in a simple tequila and tonic, garnished with a little lime or a big slice of grapefruit.

4. El Sueño Coffee Liqueur

Since Patron decided to cut it's supply of tequila coffee liqueur to lovers around the world, we've been searching for the next best thing. Overwhelmingly, the El Sueño Coffee Liqueur comes up top. A crafted blend of Tequila Silver and Mexican coffee beans, relish authentic coffee flavours perfectly balanced with vibrant Agave notes. All natural, all good.

5. Forteleza Blanco

Fortaleza Blanco is made by the fifth generation of the Sauza family using traditional methods. Exceptional with notes of black pepper, earth and butter. A complex, but easy to drink tequila for all the aficionados out there.

6. Terralta Blanco

A characteristic-rich and earthy character comes with this special tequila. Bottled at 55% ABV makes this a big, bold cocktail ingredient, whilst also remaining an excellent richly-flavoured sipping drink.

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