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How to drink tequila, if you HATE tequila!

Updated: May 3, 2022

Tequila – we all know somebody who swears that they’ll never drink it again; with memories of 2 am shots or bad decisions, they’ve given up on one of the most excellent spirits known to man. And fair enough, there’s a LOT of really bad tequila out there. And if you’re based in the UK (like us), unfortunately, that tends to be most of what you can buy in shops. But, we’re confident we can convince you to try some tequila, even if you’ve sworn off it for life! Follow these five steps, or scroll to the bottom for a shortcut way to guarantee you’ll enjoy your next tequila.

Step one: Learn a little about Tequila

Tequila is a fascinating spirit that takes years to make and has a wide variety and richness. Don’t let some cheap stuff from when you were 18 and at a house party put you off forever. That £5 box of wine didn’t stop you from drinking wine forever! Check out some of our articles, such as Top 5 Tequila facts or Tequila Regulations and Origins.

Step two: Buy a good quality Tequila

We use a select few Tequila Brands in our cocktails and would recommend them all without hesitation: Vivir, El Tiempo, El Sueño and El Rayo. There are many other great brands out there; these happen to be who we work with because they’re London based, just like us. If you’re new to tequila, we’d probably suggest buying a bottle of one of their Reposados for starters.

Step three: Make a delicious cocktail!

Okay, so tequila can absolutely be enjoyed on the rocks, but we’re just getting you going on tequila so let’s jump in with some other flavours to mix things up. You could try a Margarita (recipe here) or a Paloma (recipe here) to get you going. These are absolute classics and a sure-fire way to get your taste buds tingling in all the right ways. Or, if you want something a little different and a little simpler, try our fantastic Tequila and Tonic recipe.

Step four: Sit back and Enjoy!

Hopefully, it’s a sunny day, and you can kick back in the garden or in your local park with a nice, fresh cocktail to look after you. Savour the taste, and realise that you’ve been a little too hard on tequila.

Step five: Let us know!

If you’ve followed our guide and enjoyed your tequila (even though you used to HATE it!), then let us know by dropping us a message @thatssopapos or using our hashtag #thatssopapos


Okay, so you don’t want to go through the five-step process? We get it; we’re all short on time. Well, the easy way is to come along and see us! We can mix you up something you’re guaranteed to like. And if you don’t, we’ll make you something else until we find you something you do like. How’s that for a guarantee? Check out our markets page for where to find us right now!

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