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How to: PaPo's Fresca

Okay, so you’ve made it home with one of our amazing freshly-made bottle cocktails but want to make sure you get it exactly right when you’re making it. Here’s your 5-step guide to the perfect drink to relax to this summer:

Step one: Keep it in the fridge

When you get home, pop the bottle and the can of soda that we gave you into the fridge to make sure your Fresca is as cold as possible. Cocktails are always better cold! Also, your Fresca will stay fresh for a week if you keep it in the fridge, so you don’t have to drink it straight away (we know, we know – who are we kidding!?)

Step two: Fill a glass with ice

You can use whatever kind of glass you prefer, but the traditional Fresca glass is a highball. That said, you can put it in pretty much anything you fancy, so long as you can fit some ice in there! Pack in as much ice as you can – preferably right to the top. This keeps your Fresca nice and cool.

Step three: Pour in the PaPo’s!

Our PaPo’s Frescas come in three different sized bottles: 150ml, 300ml, and 700ml. For a normal highball, filled with ice, you should need around 130ml of Fresca, so you might have a little bit left over for a top up. Basically, as long as there’s a bit of space to pour in some soda, you can keep pouring! We usually leave around 1 centimetre (about a thumb’s width) of space for soda.

Step four: Soda top-up

We’ll have given you a can of soda to go with your Fresca. You won’t need anything like all of this can. Probably around 50ml (around 1 centimetre, or a thumb’s width) will do you. Pour it in, and you’re nearly there…

Step five: garnish, and find the perfect spot

If you have an orange handy, pop a slice into the top of your Fresca and there you have it – the perfect drink to enjoy this summer! Now just find the perfect spot to enjoy it.

And there you have it, a simple 5-step guide to the perfect Fresca this summer. Once you’ve made yours, tag us in your photo @thatssopapos or use our hashtag #thatssopaos

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