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How to: Bottled Margarita

Okay, so you’ve made it home with one of our unique freshly-made bottle cocktails but want to make sure you get it exactly right when you’re making it. Here’s your 3-step guide to the perfect drink to relax with this summer:

Step one: get it nice and cold!

Margaritas need to be served as cold as possible, so pop yours into the fridge as soon as you get home. It’ll also help keep it fresh for a week.

(Optional): Salt-rim

Now's your time if you like a salted rim on your Margarita! Rub a wedge of lime around the edge of the glass so that the salt will stick, and then dip the glass into the salt. But make sure it’s good quality sea salt – table salt won’t give you the same taste.

Step two: cool down your glass

Try this bartender’s trick for getting your glass nice and cold: fill a Martini glass with ice, and then top it up with water. This will help make your glass ice cold. If you don’t have a Martini glass, no worries – any glass will do! Leave it for a few minutes to cool down, and then pour it away.

Step three: pour and garnish

Pour in the Margarita, and there you have it – the perfect drink to take the edge off the summer heat! If you have a lime, you can pop a wedge onto the rim of the glass.

There you have it, the perfect way to enjoy a Margarita this summer. Once you’ve made yours, tag us in your photo @thatssopaos, or use our hashtag #thatssopapos

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