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Ranch Water – Super light, low-calorie summer cocktail!

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

Looking for something to enjoy in the sun, something ridiculously refreshing, something that is low in calories? Ranch Water may be the answer to your situation! Brace yourself this is going to be short...

This is a highball drink, long and refreshing, made with lime, tequila and soda. There is no real known origin story for this drink, but it has become a staple in Texas in the last ten years. The name is said to come from cowboys wanting something a little more than just water out in the sun!


  1. Choose a tall glass and fill it to the brim with ice.

  2. Add a double of tequila in a glass (50ml) (the simplicity of a silver tequila works here, but make it a good one, there is not much to mask the taste!)

  3. Add the juice from a whole lime (around 40ml)

  4. Top off with soda until the glass is full.

  5. Garnish with lime!

The better the tequila, the better this will taste! Good quality silver/blanco will be brilliant. A reposado will add a little more subtly with extra flavours.


  • Don’t bother with the lime and it becomes a Tequila Soda. Very drinkable with good tequila!

  • Rim it with chilli-lime salt to give it a hit.

  • Muddle in some jalapeño slices with the lime and tequila before adding ice and soda for a bit of fire.

  • Sweeten it will a little bit of sugar syrup (1-1 mix of sugar and water, heated to dissolve, before being cooled to serve)

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