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Tequila and Tonic: really..?


Are you bored of gin? We are. Well, no problem – the Tequila and Tonic is here to save the day! As always, you’ll find the recipe first, and then a little bit about the drink.

Tequila and Tonic Recipe:

  • 50ml Tequila (we use El Rayo Reposado)

  • 100ml Tonic Water (we use London Essence)

Method: pour in the tequila, top with tonic, a few cubes of ice, and a slice of grapefruit – it’s as simple as that!

What’s the Tonic in Tonic?

The history of the gin and tonic is an interesting one, dating back to 16th century Holland (where gin was invented) and 19th century India (where tonic was used to prevent and treat malaria). Tonic, made from the ‘fever tree’ bark, was used to treat and prevent malaria but had a very bitter taste. While Britain was busy establishing itself as a colonial power, it needed to stop its army from getting sick from malaria. Gin and tonic came together when the British realised that one way of making the bitter tonic water more palatable was to include a good glug of gin and some lime. The lime also helped prevent scurvy – what a bonus!

Tequila and Tonic?

So how did the tequila and tonic come into being? Well, the history is a much more recent one. Over time, tonic became less bitter and more palatable to cater to consumers’ tastes. This shift in preferences meant that people started experimenting with different ways to drink tonic. Things like vodka and tonic came into being, and as tequila started becoming more popular, someone had the idea of mixing it with tonic. And here we are!

El Rayo Tequila and Tonic

The chaps over at El Rayo know what they’re doing regarding tequila and tonic. They realised how good a Tequila and Tonic tasted and crafted a tequila specifically to pair with a tonic. This is the tequila we use in the Tequila and Tonics at our bar, and it’s a good one. That said, any premium quality tequila will pair well with a good quality tonic – so get experimenting!

Once you’ve knocked up a tequila and tonic, remember to share it with us by either tagging us @thatssopapos or using our hashtag #thatssopapos

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