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The Bluebonnet - Recipe

Ah so you like a margarita do you, but you also like a little bit of sweetness. And blue. The Bluebonnet is a take on the margarita, but with a few added ingredients and served over ice to give a fresher, sweeter experience that maintains the hit of tequila and lime from a classic margarita.


Tequila blanco (50ml) Fresh lime juice (50ml / 1 lime) Cointreau Triple Sec (20ml) Sugar syrup (20ml) Blue curacao (a few drops) Grenadine (a few drops)

Making the Bluebonnet Margarita

  1. Combine all your ingredients with some ice in a shaker, and shake

  2. Add ice to a short glass

  3. Pour over the ice

  4. Garnish with lemon

  5. If you wish a little added kick, garnish with jalapeno

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