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OUR Cocktails

We specialise in high quality tequila cocktails. We use tequila so smooth you can drink it straight, but so good that we can mix up everything, from classics such as the Paloma or Margarita, to twists on classics such as an Old Fashioned or an Espresso Martini


Take Home Cocktails

Can't spend the whole day with us in the market? Take home our freshly made cocktails with you. All our products are served in either biodegradable or 100% recyclable packaging. We also offset our carbon emissions through planting trees!



  • Westgate Street Market, E8, Hackney

  • DuckPond Market, HA4, Ruislip

  • Portobello Schoolyard, W10, Notting Hill

  • Tottenham Night Market, N15, Tottenham

Come visit the Tequila Truck: we've got East and West London covered! Hackney's Westgate Street has its very own beer garden and East London cool, while Ruislip's Duck Pond Market has its own chill vibes and music

Westgate: Saturdays from 11am - 5pm

map location

Ruislip: Sundays from 10am - 3pm

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Portobello: Saturdays from 10am - 4pm

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Tottenham: Monthly from 5pm - 10pm

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Hire Us

Party, Event, Special Occasion

Indoor or Outdoor

Fresh, craft cocktails

Cocktail-making lessons

Tequila tasting

And more!



Old Fasioned

in a PaPo's short outdoor compostable cup


Bloody Maria

with our incredible home-made spice mix


PaPo's Fresca

our own creation - the taste of summer!



the classic tequila cocktail


Ever wanted to try something different?

We did.

So we left our jobs in education management to do what we love; have a good time and help other people have a good time. PaPo's was born so that we could bring excellent drinks to excellent people. Our Tequila Truck let's us take our specialty cocktails and signature drinks to wherever the vibe is needed.

The Tequila Truck is an 80s wagon, from which we serve quality tequila cocktails. We work with an award-winning London-based Tequila supplier to ensure only the highest quality.  This certainly is not 2am with a slice of lemon stuff, this is sipping tequila, award-winning cocktail tequila that is served in a range of modern takes on classic cocktails, from our take on the negroni and liqueur spritzers and our own mixologist’s creations, such as the PaPo's Fresca, Overdrive and Hot Toddy.

Our carbon neutral company serves cocktails made in front of the customer served in biodegradable packaging. We don’t believe on compromising on taste, and we don’t believe on compromising on our principles.

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